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Who am I ? Through all of your experiences, relations, decisions - from your favourite colour to the studies you chose to follow remains this unique question. 

Am I a part of the world or am I an among the world?

We are told traveling helps defining yourself. 

Does it? You can define yourself back in your home country. What traveling really does is simple: it makes you see a worlds you already know but didn’t embodied yet. At the down of 2020, it took only 20 years to men and women to hide behind pictures of their recent trip without thinking about living the very moment, cause present is all we do have now. My point is most people don’t embody this extended world they’re visiting, they just deeply want to remember they’ve seen it. Cause there’s who they are. That’s who we are, truly and deeply curious. Curious about things, we do know and things we don’t know. Curious about ourselves, about you, about me. And if you stay curious, then my friend this means you’re profoundly human. 

N. 22/12/2019

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