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Dear Reader,

Technology has always held a level of ‘fascination’ with me. Yet, when quarantine began, I decided to revert back to my ancestral roots by sending out handwritten letters instead of a speedy text. The results were rewarding, raw and fruitful! It gave me a chance to slow down and appreciate life one moment at a time. It created a version of myself which I longed to reconnect with.

Pulling away from the social media world of continuous comparisons and instant trends felt natural. Eventually, I stopped caring what was being posted and started caring about what was around me in the real world; about those who I care about. Even my friends found joy within this simple, yet, exciting form of communication!

Quarantine started off as horrendous, scary and unnerving, but finding this natural and loving route made it all worth while ❤️.

Lots of love,


June 27, 2020


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